Casa Ybel Resort

Sanibel Island, Florida

2011 Turtle Nesting Season at Casa Ybel Resort

With each summer season on Sanibel Island there is growing anticipation for the moment the baby turtles hatch and crawl together to their ocean home by moonlight. The nesting begins in May and the hatching can continue into October. This year, along the Casa Ybel beach we were home to four different nests which each hold approximately one hundred eggs.  They were each marked off to give caution and awareness to beach-goers until the hatching.

Most of the baby turtles hatch from their eggs and with their combined movement and escape they are able to free themselves from the sand that is packed on top of them by their mother. Every morning during season, the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation (or SCCF) volunteers go to each of the nests to inspect for activity.  If any turtle tracks are observed, the nests are inspected and counted.  If any baby hatchlings are left, they may need a little nudge and encouragement to make it out to sea. We were fortunate to have one of our nests hatch recently, and further, the opportunity to observe the volunteer inspect the nest to find that a few did need our help. 

As we cheered for the little turtles, we captured the exhausting experience of one little one to share with you.  The pictures we snapped from this event, and being a part of nature excited our staff and guests, and helped to bring us all together on this island that cares so much about preservation.  We can only hope that our little turtle returns some day to lay her own nest and continue that circle of life for us all.

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