Casa Ybel Resort

Sanibel Island, Florida

About Casa Ybel

casa20exterior20shot_prettyNatural, secluded and exclusive, Casa Ybel Resort epitomizes the sanctuary, old-island spirit of Sanibel Island. Occupying 23 acres of shell-covered beachfront property, the resort is a sheltered getaway where romantic surroundings and outdoor recreation attract couples and families alike. Travelers have found respite and hospitality here since the late 1890s.

Today, as then, the resort’s Thistle Lodge restaurant serves as the heart of Sanibel Island’s social life. Originally built as a wedding gift, it hosts hundreds of weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations for our guests.

Founded on a spirit of adventure, family-fun and romance, Casa Ybel Resort continues the long-admired traditions of offering the world a place to step away…to dream, and yes…to play.

Download the Casa Ybel Brochure.

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