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Miss Florida USA Visits Sanibel for The Cure – Proclaims “No Oil On the Beaches”

Miss Florida USA Visits Sanibel for The Cure and Proclaims No Oil On the Beaches

The reigning Miss Florida USA 2010, Megan Clementi, 26, visited Sanibel Island to climb the lighthouse, determined to complete her Climb For The Cure awareness campaign benefiting Susan G. Komen. Clementi developed this initiative as a way to promote Breast Cancer Awareness as well as bring awareness to the restoration needs of Florida’s lighthouses. She put the plan into action on January 10th, 2010 completing 12 of 30 planned lighthouse climbs thus far. On June 29, she added the Sanibel Island Lighthouse and the Boca Grande / Gasparilla Island Lighthouse located, both in the Beaches of Fort Myers – Sanibel, to her list of accomplishments.

“The most amazing part about the Susan G. Komen Foundation is that 75% of the proceeds goes back to the area in which it was raised,” said Clementi, which prompted an unplanned $500 donation to the cause from Marty and Brenda Harrity on behalf of Doc Ford’s. Clementi met the Harritys’ as she and lighthouse photographer John Kennedy and family stopped in to Doc Ford’s for lunch prior to heading to Boca Grande. Overwhelmed by the generosity, Clementi announced, “75% of this $500 donation will go back to the State of Florida to assist those who have been stricken with Breast Cancer and the other 25% will go to research so that the women of the future and, actually the men as well, will not have to suffer.”

(from left) Froilan Ramirez, Miss Florida, Damon Pyle and Amy Speckman

Froilan Ramirez, Amy Speckman and Damon Pyle, all of Casa Ybel Resort‘s management team, happened to be lunching at Doc Ford’s. They suggested that Clementi film a statement for release about our clean beaches. As cameras rolled she began, “I had the honor of climbing the Sanibel Lighthouse this morning and I think the common misconception is many people think that the unfortunate oil spill happening in the Gulf right now has affected the entire West coast of Florida and it’s simply not true. I saw the beaches today and the oil has not come to the West Coast, it’s not on Sanibel Island, so if anyone out there wants to tour this beautiful place, please do because there is not an issue with the oil and it’s still just as beautiful as it’s ever been,” said Megan. The Casa Ybel Team thanked Clementi for supporting efforts to inform the world that The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel are clean and open for business.

“Miss Florida’s timing couldn’t be better. We are grateful she came to Sanibel to climb our lighthouse today in support of The Cure and to clarify that there is NO oil on our beaches,” said Ramirez, General Manager at Casa Ybel Resort.

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